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Reviews of Teach Foraging

reviews Feb 18, 2021

Danielle I really enjoyed this course and it has given me the foundations for the teach foraging which I moving on now to complete. I love the way this training is set up, really looking forward to putting this knowledge into practice. Thank you :-) This course will help share knowledge and love of nature with our local community.


Cheryl  Very informative, great tips and guidance on possible hazards and avoiding pitfalls in taking a group out foraging. Very encouraging. It is great to come back to Di`s clarity and looking forward to completing the section exercisers.

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Hello Di

I recently started your online Teach Foraging course. So far I have found the course very informative which has really broadened my knowledge on the subject. 

Kind regards


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sarah has left a new comment on "Teach Foraging":

Really enjoyed the course. Looking forward to get accredited . Do you know when that might be? I am eager to take part. Thank you. Sarah


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