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Add a Link On Your Website To Your Own "Wild Harvest Activities at...." Page

💍 We specialise in Nature-Inspired Activities ideal for Hen Fests and Boho Brides and Grooms.
🏹 We have a mobile, natural instinctive archery set-up with straw targets, leather gloves and wooden bows
🌿 Your guests can book a wild food foraging walk around your grounds.
🏕️ We also offer a range of natural crafting activities with or without a pop-up tipi.
  • 🪜 Established & Reliable

    We have been in business for 18 years! We were one of the first eco businesses; we were around before BOHO saw it's revival!

    Over that time we have hundreds of fab reviews and been featured in Grazia, Glamour & on BBC and Channel 4!

    We have a 100% turn up rate. We hear of some groups who have been let down by a provider, not here, we have never in 18 years cancelled a booking yet. We know how hard it is to plan!

  • ⏰ Enhanced Guest Satisfaction

    Without all the hassle, the specialist insurance and booking admin, you can delight your guests by offering fun and informative, wholesome on-brand boho activities.

    Plus our activities make for great photo opportunities at YOUR venue.

    Today, being just accommodation is not enough, the thinking customer wants an EXPERIENCE!

  • 🌿 Easy Peasy

    All you have to do is say yes, we create your page and a live link. Add it to either your website or your emails post booking.

    We consistently monitor the market to ensure we are low on price but high on service provision compared to other offerings. This is what has kept us top of the game.

    List us on your website and your guests will be guaranteed affordable, reliable quality activities provision.


What's in it for me?

  • Enhanced guest satisfaction, give them a more memorable experience than just being accommodation.
  • Shared social media promotion. We post our photos and tag you in them!
  • We can offer a one time set up fee of £40 to cover your time adding our link.
  • If we get regular bookings through your link, we can set you up as an affiliate to earn 10% of every booking.

Do I need to provide anything?

No, literally just the link (ideally with a picture or a line of text) in a couple of places that your customers will see. We do everything else.

What is the youngest age these are suitable for?

We understand that you may have guests of all ages so you will be pleased to know that most of the activities on here are suitable for all ages.

Do you use electric or make a mess?

No, all our crafts are eco - no electric, no glitter, no glue. Our tutors are fully trained and will leave your space as tidy as they find it.

How do the outside activities work?

If you have a garden or a lane outside your property we can find plants to show as part of a wild food forage.

For the archery, I will google map your property to find the ideal place for the range and be absolutely honest if it is not suitable. We have four Archery GB instructors so you know you are in safe hands.