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covid covid measures Dec 15, 2021
covid updates at Wild Harvest school


This page is to keep you updated about how any current Covid rules effect your bookings here at Wild Harvest. 

It is updated from the top down, meaning all posts at the top of the page are the most recent, but any post will now be dated anyway so you know where you are!


APRIL 19th 2022

We are open as usual for glamping, activities, walks, day courses and retreats.  There are no spacing requirements but we have kept up the hand sanitiser points and pre-wrapped refreshments.  We also still do the Enhanced cleaning protocol between guests of strip/clean/reset.

Regarding covid cancellations, we now offer travel insurance for you to take out to cover against any cancellations for any reason, as after two years of re-bookings we need to get back on track.  We can only provide this for glamping stays, but if you want to look to take out your own event cancellation insurance privately for day courses for if you get covid then we do recommend that as we can no longer keep cancelling places/refunding or transferring.

Other than that it's return to normal!  Hope you are all well and look forward to seeing you here in 2022!



DECEMBER 14th 2021

As members of Obby we are regularly updated about rules for craft teaching businesses as relevant to covid measures.  This is the latest guidance from them and in summary says that as of this date we are still good to go for craft teaching, without masks, but keeping with our enhanced cleaning protocol and reducing shared touch points and optimising spacing where possible.    For more details of our other blog on past Covid policies brought in last year click HERE.

Dear Obby Member

I just wanted to reach out to you, as your success manager here at Obby, to talk about our COVID guidance and the prevailing situation.

As I'm sure you're aware, the UK Government changed rules last week relating to:
- mask wearing,
- working from home,
- vaccination status for large venues.
I know that what often accompanies these announcements is understandable trepidation about how new rules may affect our business, and whether there are any steps which we will have to take which might limit our activities.

I am glad to reiterate that this latest set of restrictions places no obligations on you to alter the running of your classes, as long as you feel happy, safe, and comfortable to continue teaching. I want to emphasise this last point; our entire focus here at Obby is supporting teachers, this includes making sure that you have all the information and support necessary to continue happily and healthily.

Remember we are also a Visit England Good To Go Business plus operate Air bnbs enhanced cleaning protocol, so you can be assured we have your best interests at heart and aim to stay open safely as long as we can.




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