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  • Self-Sufficiency
  • Wild Food Foraging
  • Permaculture Land Design
  • Make Natural Toiletries
  • Train to Teach Crafts or Foraging

Prices from £2.49 to £250 (Most currencies accepted)

Online Courses 

Available Now Priced from £17.99 - £159

Wild Food Foraging

An Introduction.  Learn about the advantages and cautions involved in learning to forage for wild food together with a process for avoiding identification errors.  Then meet 11 starter plants and test yourself with fun quizzes.   Learn online in your own time.  More details click the link.

Learn To Forage £17.99

Wild Beauty

Learn to make your own natural toiletries using the resources around you in the home, your garden and the wild.  Reduce beauty miles and toxins, save money, cut plastic waste and pollution and make products to suit YOU. Learn online in your own time, more details at: 

Wild Beauty £17.99

Teach Foraging

Learn to lead wild food foraging walks to groups in your own area.  This online course teaches you how to teach, gives you our exact walk structure, get session plans, risk assessments, a mnemonic plant grid to collate all your plant data, plus learn the business side too.  More details below:

Teach Foraging £149

My Craft School

Learn to teach crafts in your own successful fully booked craft school.  If you love making crafts but feel it doesn't pay enough, remove the glass ceiling by learning how to teach.  You will be tapping into a growing demand for 'How-To' courses.  We teach you how to teach AND how to set up the business, tech and marketing sides to grow a fully booked, highly reviewed craft school.  Learn online in your own time.

Set Up a Craft School

Grow Your Outdoor Education Business

If you run or hope to set up an outdoor education business such as a forest school or a bushcraft school but are unsure about the business side, tech and marketing aspects, this is the online course for you.  If you are not fully booked we teach you how to increase your presence and get your online booking systems up and running.  

Grow My Outdoor Ed. Business £79


Learn how to model Natures own methods in your landscape to ensure greater productivity for less input.  Learn to truly observe your land, discover how to create a base plan and a permaculture design, then read about the various methods to implement a permaculture design onto your plot.  This course culminates with your having created your own design based on your land.


Grow Sustainably £21

The Self-Sufficiency Bundle

Half Price £59


Download and Read Instantly.

Priced From £2.79 to £25

Wild Food E-Book

Download and Read Today.  Our 45 Page E-Book packed full of some surprising ideas for free, healthy local wild food.  Learn about wild coffees and sugars, agricultural escapees, how to make leaf crisps, how to preserve your wild berries for optimum nutrition and so much more.

Price: £2.79

Wild Food E-Book

Glampsite Success E-Book

Download and Read Today.  'How To Set Up A Successful Glamping Business and Get Fully Booked' is our formula to help you get set up more easily and affordably, plus tips and worksheets, a branding vision board, checklists and more.  Read about it here.

Price: £25

Glampsite Success

Barefoot Self-Reliance

Download and Read Today.  'How To Be More Self-Reliant Naturally', the ultimate womans self-sufficiency book.  237 pages covering everything from foraging, to wild medicine, to crafts, living by fire and permaculture gardening.

Price: £5.99

Self-Reliance E-Book

Online Courses and Books 

Coming Soon

Further Foraging

Build on your learning in Introduction to Foraging by adding on more, slightly unusual plants plus learn some mind blowing and useful concepts about the plants around you and foraging processes in general.  This is an online course coming soon.  Learn in your own time.

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Candle Making


Learn about the three components needed to make a light.  Discover the  natural materials to hand that you can use to light up the dark.  Make a range of candles for the home in this online course.  Learn in your own time, at home.

Candle Making

Wild Medicine

Learn to make simple tinctures, decoctions, oils, ointments, poultices and compresses to treat yourself and your family, at home.  Use plants from the garden, the wild together with kitchen cupboard ingredients to make a range of home-remedies for infection, and pain.

Wild Medicine

Natural Parenting

Raising Self-Reliant Kids.  Today it's easy to be fearful for our children, how do we equip them for their future, what is the best way of 'being' with our kids to ensure they can not only care for themselves but be useful members of society too?  More details coming soon,  Di's book will give you the freedom to let go and watch them grow!

Natural Parenting