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Time Investment

This course will take around 30 hours to complete.

Plus extra time for practicing your walk outside, as you build it up.

Learn in your own time, at home on a computer or mobile.  



Teach Foraging

Business Set-Up and Growth

Introduction To Foraging

Trello Templates for Teaching

Trello Templates for Business Tasks. 

Course Viability Calculator.


Learning Tools

38 Written lessons

PDF downloads of blank and completed session plans

PDF download for risk assessments

Links to vital information

3 hours of videos and screen-share walk throughs.

Assessment option.

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Become a safe, organised and fully-booked foraging teacher!

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Please Note:  This course does not teach you about the wild plants out there.  It is assumed you already have some knowledge of, and love of wild plants and are ready to share that with others.  This course will however teach you how to consolidate and build on that knowledge.


Wild Roots Foraging

The teach foraging course was not only a thorough course, it was utterly enjoyable, too from start to finish! Di has a fantastic way of ensuring all areas are covered, and that everyone understands and is on the same page. It wasn't just about learning to teach foraging but how to set up a business, including all the marketing, costings, and tech stuff that you might otherwise overlook. All if this enabled me to start my own successful business Wild Roots and I’ll be eternally grateful for Di for helping me find my true path.


“Only half way through my studies and already i feel genuinely a transformative experience as to where I am going. The course has deepened my love for sharing my passion about Nature and given me the tools to make it pay.”


“A brilliant idea, why flounder about in the dark when there's a big helping hand? The course provides the schools own walk structure to ensure you don't miss anything important out and just waffle.  Love how important they see embedding safety, equality of access and caring for the environment into the session plan they give you.”

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Become a safe, organised and fully-booked foraging teacher!

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About Your Tutor

Di Hammill Page was raised in self-reliance, after a career in teaching and doctoral research she left academia to raise her children alone and off-grid in a remote area, living from what grew around them.  Already a qualified adult ed. tutor, Di returned to teaching but in rural lifestyle skills.  Wild Harvest School was set up 16 years ago, in the wilds of the moors, initially running walks for the Forestry Commission and National Parks centres, and has grown year on year. A member of the Association of Foragers Di is often consulted by the media for articles on foraging and self-reliance and is passionate about teaching teachers to take these skills forward!

All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Foraging Teaching Business

  • Become a confident, safe teacher and grow a successful foraging business with this comprehensive course.
  • Bonus Trello Templates to organise your teaching and business admin tasks.
  • We Guarantee If you don't feel that you can get at least five times the value of this course back, we will refund your payment.

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Become a safe, organised and fully-booked foraging teacher!

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