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Learn How To Forage For Wild Food

Join Wild Harvest School to learn all about wild food foraging.

Here's how...


Why Learn to Forage For Wild Food?

  • Get Healthy Food For Free
  • It's the Ultimate Local Food - Food Meters Not Miles
  • Future-Proof Your Family Against Food Shortages
  • Connect to the Natural World
  • Be Outside in the Fresh Air Getting Exercise.

How We Can Help You...

Join a Wild Harvest Walk

Join one of Wild Harvest Schools popular walks in York, Teesside, Durham or North Lincs.  You will be part of a group of around 20, on a two hour stroll, and get to meet around twenty wild edibles.  

Our walks are packed with content, children under 14 are free, enabling the whole family to come along, to learn how to forage for wild foods, safely.  Can't get to a walk...?  See our online course for £17.99.

Join a Walk for £14.99

Why Choose Wild Harvest School?

  • 17 Years Teaching Foraging
  • Qualified Teacher with 24 Years Exp.
  • Fully Insured
  • Member of the Association of Foragers
  • Teaches New Foraging Teachers
  • Calm and Patient Teacher
  • Highly Reviewed Content-Rich Walks
  • Consulted by the Media for articles on foraging.

What Does A Wild Harvest Walk Include?

A Two Hour Wild Food Foraging Walk

Firstly after ensuring everyone can see and hear and informing you of the venue health and safety issues, we introduce ourselves then give an introductory talk about foraging.  In this first 8 or so minutes we look at the advantages for learning how to forage, the key benefits plus also the cautions.  We give you a safety process that you should not begin foraging without!  Then we begin a gentle stroll (most walks are chosen to be buggy/wheelchair suitable) to meet around 20 to 24 edible plants and trees.  You will gain some harvesting and processing tips for each, as well as health benefits, cautions and lots of interesting facts!

Our walks are designed to be well structured, waffle free and content rich.

You will leave with lots of knowledge and inspiration to forage safely, legally and sustainably.

Your walk will be led by Di Hammill Page or one of her trained tutors, depending on which area you are in.


If you want to join us on a Wild Food Foraging Walk, here are some questions you may have...

Blogs and Videos on Wild Food

Enhanced Cleaning Protocol - Covid Measures.

T's and C's for attended courses and activities.

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Reviews of the Wild Harvest Introduction to Foraging Walk

Our Walks and Foraging Walk Leaders...

Book Here for £14.99

York Wild Food Walk

Led by Di Hammill Page

Saltburn, Teesside Walk

Led by Di or Lucy Cuzzocrea

East Durham Walk

At Dalton Moor Farm, led by Jenny Connor

North Lincs Walk

In Broughton Woods, led by Chris Breen

What Next...?

Progression Route


  1. Read the BLOG
  2. Download and Read the E-Book
  3. Join Us for A Walk or Two
  4. Take our Online Course 'Introduction to Foraging'
  5. Continue to 'Further Foraging, Online'
  6. Enrol on 'Teach Foraging'
  7. After a Year Apply To Join Wild Harvest!

Looking for a Private Booking?


If you have an event or Press article coming up and would like a Wild Food Foraging Walk, email us at [email protected] 


Let us know ideal date and time, guest numbers and location and we will get back to you with a price.