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Can I Eat Hogweed?

wild food Jun 17, 2023

Can You Eat Hogweed?

Can I Eat Hogweed? Is common hogweed edible? How do you eat hogweed? If you have ever wondered about any of these questions, watch this video but firstly;  why not sign up to my FREE ebook to increase your self sufficiency and foraging skills HERE

To find out how to eat common Hogweed and how it differs from Giant Hogweed and Hemlock watch my video above!

You may be surprised to learn, given the reputation of Giant Hogweed that its little sister Common Hogweed is not only edible but delicious. Here we talk about how come giant hogweed burns you yet common hogweed can be eaten. Its all about Furanocoumourins ; a word I always struggle to say, (along with others; forwardeded, and Goodmanhamam and thistlel haha).

Some ideas for parts to use, how it tastes and some i.d tips. Filmed at our farm in Yorkshire in June.


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