Enjoy The Journey!

No one ever regretted becoming more self-reliant.  This FREE 35 page e-book will inspire and inform you how to begin the journey.  Learn about what self-reliance is, why we are losing it and what you can do to empower yourself.  We have included some chapters on foraging and other skills of interest too. Here is a review of the e-book.

"Hi Di,

Thank you so much! I’ve finished reading the extract and I think it is great! There is so much useful and interesting information in it, i just couldn’t let go of it once I started!  I can t wait to read the full version.  Have a lovely Sunday. All the best"



The e-book forms part of the book How To Be More Self-Reliant Naturally.

Follow it up with online courses in:

  • Introduction to Foraging
  • Permaculture - Growing More, Sustainably
  • Wild Beauty - Make Your Own Natural Toiletries
  • Wild Medicine - Tinctures, Ointments and more from the wild, your garden and kitchen cupboard.
  • Further Foraging


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