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Leaf Crisps

foraging self-reliance self-sufficiency wild food Jul 01, 2022
Oak Leaf Crisps

Because in 2021 we are too posh for walkers ready salted, and because it is over a £1 for a packet of healthy 'green' crisps (think Kale) from the shops, I decided to experiment using a range of free, edible wild leaves, smothered with oil and a hint of salt. 

Paying a lot for the modern idea of 'Kale Crisps' doesn't make sense when we have so many easy to obtain, tasty and healthy wild edible leaves on our doorstep for free.

My favourites by far are the oak leaf crisps.  Best used in May when they aren't too tough or full of tannins, but usuable anytime, like nettle, lime tree leaves, dandelion, beech leaves, birch leaves, jack by the hedge... and pretty much any other leaf that you can eat... 

I find a medium hot oven for about 8 minutes (depending on the 'fragility' of the leaf eg. more for older oak than jack by the hedge) works well; watching them so that you catch them before they turn brown.  You want them crisp but still green.

You can even get adventurous and add spices, pepper, lemon juice...  and make a dip.

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