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Wild Harvest School

Garden Willow Day

Garden Willow Day

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Hello!  Join us at Wild Harvest School of Self-Reliance to learn how to make a range of useful garden structures from willow. Planters, seating benches, raised beds and small fences.  Outdoor course, refreshments are provided please bring packed lunch. Free Parking and Loo on site.

The day goes like this:

  • Talk about willow
  • Demo of a fence
  • Join in with making a communal larger fence
  • Each make your own mini fence (you can take this away)
  • Lunch
  • Demo of two types of circles/round planters/seats
  • Join in with making a communal planter
  • Each make your own planter (you can take this away for a donation of £5 to the extra willow cost)
  • Take Cuttings from four types of willow from my trees to take home.

Willow Weaving Garden Planters and Fences Day course at Wild Harvest School of Self-Reliance.

Hope you can join me, Di x

Next course:  Sunday 26th Feb, 10.30am - 4.30pm

Price £89 to include your mini hurdle fence, circular planter made from white willow (as per picture)  and refreshments.  

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