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Help Make the UK Berry Self-Sufficient

permaculture self-reliance Mar 19, 2021
Yey! More good news on the food self-reliance front. Our country has massively grown in its domestic berry production - 600%!
Let’s help this statistic by growing berries everywhere ! In your garden , the allotment , the town... May everyone get to eat berries this year without the import miles 🙂
Here is my own current effort to help the country be berry clad ... hardwood cuttings taken from my red current (itself a hard wood cutting a few years back) . If you have a berry shrub or plants let’s get pruning and splitting to share with friends ... and share some berry love locally !
I tend to snip the ends at an angle this is both to protect the leftover branch from holding rain on the end and rotting , and also to give a greater surface area to the exposed end of the cutting. I have found that adding a snippet of willow to the water helps root growth , it was an old wives tale I read years ago and have not taken time to research the science as I like it and always have fresh willow and my hardwood cuttings mostly work.
Here is a useful link if you fancy having a go
What do you have in the way of berries on your plot ? What would you like to add ?!

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