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Looking to become more self-sufficient?


Why not add on Introduction to Foraging, Online course for just £17.99?  A comprehensive, learn in your own time course, available to view on any device!

Interactive lessons with videos, quizzes, written content and pictures.  Join the community in the comments sections under each lesson.

Learn the advantages, and cautions involved in foraging for wild food, discover a four step process to avoid ID errors that you should NOT begin foraging without.

Meet 11 starter plants and take fun bite-sized quizzes on the way to self-check your growing knowledge.

See our blog for reviews on Wild Harvest Schools 'Introduction to Foraging' Course.

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How To Be More Self-Reliant Naturally - E-Book

If you have signed up for the free excerpt, it will be in your in-box.  In the meantime why not get the full 237 Pages for half price? 

Want to learn to make and do more for yourself, just using the resources around you?  This 237 page e-book will empower you to:

Want to learn to make and do more for yourself, just using the resources around you?  This 237 page e-book (part of the full 'Barefoot Self-Reliance Book' out soon, will empower you to:

  • Make your own light from natural materials around you.
  • Live by fire
  • Forage Food and Medicine
  • Permaculture gardening
  • Poultry keeping
  • Preparing wild and grown protein.
  • Aquaponic food growing - naturally.
  • Make your own natural toiletries.
  • Coppicing for fuel.
  • The improvised kitchen
  • Finding and purifying water, off-grid.
  • And much more... plus:

Make a range of crafts from:

  • Broomstick
  • Leather Pouch
  • Willow fence
  • Toothpaste
  • Candles and more.

N.B Copyright Terms and Conditions:

It has come to our attention that a few people are taking our content and using it to teach in their own businesses.  We are expressly saying, this is NOT allowed.  You are buying a business to customer product and as such must not use any of the information you learn in our courses/course content/structure to teach in your own business.  We have business to business courses and franchisees to protect so we will issue letters for cease and desist, where we see our content/structure/recipes and collections of, replicated for business purposes.  You will be given the choice of removing them/adding the words 'Wild Harvest School Crafts' or joining us as a franchisee/licensee.




What People Are Saying:

Loving the book. I am going to to quote you endlesslyI fear. Great ideas and information with real practicality AND humour. Very happy with my purchase. Thank you


I've had my phone on my hand most of the day reading this amazing book. I just wanted to say it's worth waaaay more than you're charging. Each page is packed full of such valuable information - I just hope I don't need to use some of it 😂 I'm not keen on the idea of eating a snake 🐍. I really hope you're getting it printed I would love to buy a hard copy. I can't wait for your permaculture and wild medicines courses. I have such admiration for you and what you have achieved and just wanted you to know as it's nice to be nice. Best wishes


Hi Di, Thank you so much! I’ve finished reading the extract and I think it is great! There are so much useful and interesting information in it, i just couldn’t let go of it once I started! I can t wait to read the final version. Have a lovely Sunday. All the best,


I just finished the Self Reliance book. I literally consumed it. Scribbling down ideas and thoughts. Its such a great book and exactly what I needed to awaken my urge to be self reliant and intune with the land around me. Best money I’ve spent in a long time. Thank you ❤️

Jasmine C

It is so refreshing to find a book packed with practical instruction and facts collected from personal experience. A great read; simple; straightforward and never lecturing. The “How to” sections of this book give simple and lucid instructions which can be trialled and tested enabling the reader to self educate. The book certainly motivated me. Well written, concise and the book abounds with some really interesting facts. You get the impression that unlike other authors, the subject matter was not so much researched, but, rather recited from the memory of a (good) writer who has collected all this knowledge and practical experience. A true Goddess of Barefoot Survival. A great read and highly recommended


I just downloaded this, and started reading ....I'm hooked already I can see I'll be ready this from front to back and then a second time. I've already done a course on natural skincare and soap making but I'll be looking into the foraging and herbal treatments.....excited and thankful you popped up on my feed. Xx