How to Organise a Home Hen Party

How to Organise a Home Hen Party

Are you tasked with arranging a hen-do this year and unsure where to start?  Is money an issue and folk aren't keen to travel too far or hit the city?

Check out some of our hen party ideas at home here.

What is a 'Home Hen Party'?

A hen party at home is literally that, a party to celebrate an upcoming wedding, that is held at your or someones home!

Where would I hold a home hen party?

It doesn't have to be YOUR home, the hen party at home concept is transferrable to anyones (bigger, better home or garden)!  The bride-to-be's own house; her parents; best mates parents' farm; or hire a group accommodation venue somewhere central to all the guests and don't leave the house for two days!  We have ran hen parties everywhere from Brides mums' garden, under a gazebo,  via rented luxury farmhouses where the groups stayed in the entire time bringing hen party activities to them leaving relaxed and totally fresh (and not skint and too hungover) to a forest next to someones house.

A home hen party could be in Woodland Glade backing on to an Aunties house...  with a pop-up tipi and gazebo, a pizza oven and crafts, set up on picnic benches.

You can make the space so lovely that you really wouldn't want to leave to go off for activities elsewhere.

Why should I organise a home hen party?

A hen do at home is the ultimate easy affordable pick and mix hen-do; combining ALL your bride-to-be's favourite ideas into one accessible fun-filled day and night.

A home hen-do is more affordable.  No minibus is needed (at both ends of the night) nor waiting around in the cold for transport to arrive.  Eating and drinking will be cheaper too.

Wear what you want.  Have a theme (or don't) it doesn't even need to be 'weather appropriate' dress... a bikini or tropical themed party in January is totally doable at a hen party at home.

Stay safe, no members of the group wandering off down alleys mid-way through the night, or increasing the risk of covid transmission by being in a space with hundreds of others.

An older relative may be more inclined to come along to a home hen do.  Feel guilty about leaving Great Auntie Margaret out?  She sure would be more likely to make a couple of hours of a home hen-do than jump into a pink limo and hit the city with you.

Can't get childcare?  Often one or more hens in a party (or the Bride to Be of course) may have a child or two.  We are not always blessed with childcare when we need it, so organising a home hen party is a way of being inclusive all round; invite them earlier, get the kids to bed, then enjoy your girly time together.

What ideas are there for hen parties at home?

You can see to your every need with a home hen party...

  • For food; organise a buffet  or backyard BBQ caterer to be brought in.  This usually works out cheaper per head than a meal out in a restaurant  plus you can choose from a huge selection of food types or even combine a few options, eg. Pizza oven chef AND gelato trolley?  BBQ chef AND Doughnut stand.  No washing up either.... 
  • Alcohol prices are infinitely cheaper for a home hen party.  One of the biggest costs of a night out is the price of drinks; up to £9 for a cocktail in many places.  Ten cocktails later and thats a week of food shopping money gone in four hours.  Instead buy your own mix of spirits and set up a home cocktail making bar, or bring in a barrel of wine.  Fancy being fancy?  Add-in hired crystal glasses to be delivered to your door and hand-make or buy little named wine-glass tags for each of the guests glasses to welcome them as they arrive.
  • You can also hire a handsome butler to serve your snacks or drinks usually they add in a few party games too.
  • Hire a hot tub, delivered to your door (again! - how easy is all this?) usually a few hours before the guests, as the water can take around three hours to heat.  You will need access to an electric supply for heat and water tap for the supplier to fill it.
  • Is your bride to be crafty, (check out her wedding decor ideas to see if she likes the hand-crafted look)?   You could bring in a craft workshop provider; something that is fun, informative and gives everyone a pretty, useable item or two to take away.  Chat, drink and laugh as you craft away.  Craft workshop ideas for hen party at home could be...
  • Candle making - light your bride to bes way into married life by making a set of candles (keep some for you to take home and with the rest; make a candle lit walkway for her by poking some into the grass into a spiral shape...  a little good bye from miss to mrs ceremony.
  • Most of us use toiletries of some sorts so how about a natural toiletries making workshop where you all make lip and cheek tints, soaps, bath bombs or body butter, or better still your own pamper kit all from natural ingredients.  Sessions like this can be done around the kitchen table or from benches in the garden.
  • Combine candles and bath items for each guest to make and take away a 'bath by candlelight' kit.
  • Another popular craft workshop suitable for the hen party at home, is Boho flower crown making.   Take Instagramable photos of you all looking pretty as flower-crown-bedecked Festival Queens (or Forest Fairies - depending on your hen party vibe) without needing Instagrams own flower crown filters! 

There are many many craft ideas for the hen party at home, at Wild Harvest we have lots more, check them out HERE.

  • Music - you can't always guarantee 'your kind of music' for the dance floor on a night out, but at home you ARE the DJ - if you are worried about neighbours how about a silent disco, they are so much fun, each dancer can select their own channel of songs, it's so fun watching everyone dance to a a different song really getting down;  yet in total silence... These days silent discos can be hired online and the small kit delivered to your door.  Simply post it back a few days later.
  • Bring in an entertainer - magician? singer?  comedian?  Entertainers are all mobile and can work from anywhere, even your garden.  Put in a pre-request of your Bride-to-Be's favourite tunes to be sung personally to her.


Things to consider when organising a Hen Party at Home.

Parking - encourage car sharing - those coming from the south can collect one or two more on route as can those coming from the North, this is a lovely ice breaker or catch up time to travel together.  Speak to a neighbour or local business in advance and mention you're hosting  a hen-do at home and could you borrow any spare parking spaces for the night.  Or you could collect from the local station or hand out the local taxi companies number on the invite.

Covid - encourage everyone to do a self test before setting off so you know that you are in safe company.  Ensure whoever you bring in for your activities has covid risk assessments.

Insurance - ensure any company you invite into your home has insurance for what they are carrying out.  Just to be on the safe side.


 Do you think a hen party at home sounds like a good idea now?  Connect and relax into a cosy, safe, shared space and bring in your exact selection of more affordable home hen party activities!  What's not to like!?


If you have a great experience of having or attending a fantastic hen party at home please tell us about it below - it may inspire other groups!

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