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Teach Foraging

Join Wild Harvest School's popular course, now in it's fifth year.  Learn how to lead wild food foraging walks to groups in your area.

Here's how...


Why Learn to Teach Foraging...

  • You love nature and want to share it with everyone you meet!
  • There is a growing market in 'How-To' knowledge, as people are looking to ensure greater food security.
  • You enjoy being outside, walking
  • You get to spend time with really lovely people, talking about stuff you love AND get paid well for it.
  • Maybe you are already involved with outdoor education and want to extend your skills?
  • Whatever the reason, you are in the right place...

How We Can Help You...

Attend Our 4 Day Residential

Join us at Wild Harvest School, in the rural outskirts of York.  Get free glamping accommodation for your stay, while you follow this intense but enjoyable course and get to know just four other students.  We not only learn loads but have fun!

Book on the Residential

Or, Learn to Teach Foraging, Online

If you struggle to get away for the four day course, we have been running Teach Foraging via an online learning platform for a year now, and the online version has great feedback too.

Learn Online

Course evaluation shows that students arrive with a confidence level of 3, on average and leave with a confidence lever of 8/9 ready to go out into the world and teach!

Why Choose Wild Harvest School?

  • 17 Years Teaching Foraging
  • Qualified Teacher with 24 Years Exp.
  • Fully Insured
  • Member of the Association of Foragers
  • We have been teaching New Foraging Teachers for five years.
  • Calm and Patient Teacher
  • Highly Reviewed Content-Rich Walks
  • Consulted by the Media for articles on foraging.

Progression Route

  1. Join 'Teach Foraging', either the attended version or the online program (plus, if online; add the assessment option).
  2. Join the Teach Foraging Graduates Facebook Group
  3. Attend other foraging teachers walks over the next year, whilst perfecting your own.
  4. Practice with family and groups of friends.
  5. Run a few small, paid-for, one hour walks of about ten plants to groups in your area/workplace.
  6. After a year, you can apply to join Wild Harvest as a paid tutor, where we advertise a walk,  by you in your area, ticket it and pay you.

See Some Previous Students Below Now Listed as Wild Food Walk Leaders with Us.

York Wild Food Walk

Led by Di Hammill Page

Saltburn, Teesside Walk

Led by Di or Lucy Cuzzocrea

East Durham Walk

At Dalton Moor Farm, led by Jenny Connor

North Lincs Walk

In Broughton Woods, led by Chris Breen


If you want to join us on the Teach Foraging residential, here are some questions you may have...

'Teach Foraging' Residential Course

Next Date 3rd Oct. - 6th Oct 2022

Just Five Places

  • Discover the importance of structure
  • Get our exact session plan
  • Choosing a good venue and route
  • Learn how and why to do a recky walk/map
  • Risk Assessment Template
  • Our revolutionary Mnemonic plant grid to help you collate and remember your plant data.
  • The business side. of setting up as a foraging tutor inc.
  • The tech side of online booking and payment
  • The marketing side inc mailing lists, online advertising and more
  • Slowly build your walk over the four days
  • The course culminates with each student presenting their walk to their colleagues in a safe and supportive learning environment.

For More About Wild Harvest Schools 'Introduction to Foraging walk'...

Click the button to be taken to the 'Learn To Forage' page where you will see all the great reviews the walk that you will be learning, gains, through its attention to structure and succinct useable take-aways.

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