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Wild Harvest School

Leather Journal Making

Leather Journal Making

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You and your guests will each make a pretty leather notebook (or love journal if its a hen party!). 

Easy Sew Your Own Leather Journal Workshop!

The journals fasten either with a wooden button or wrapped with leather thonging and are stitched using four to ten simple running stitches using linen thread to produce a 100% natural leather notebook. 

A variety of colours of leather, thread and paper will be included so each can be personalised to taste. 

This 1 - 1.5 hour activity can be offered at

  • Wild Harvest York,
  • Yorkshire,
  • Teesside, Durham and Newcastle
  • Lincolnshire
  • Hull/Humberside
  • South Teesside/North Yorkshire
  • Nottinghamshire/East Derbyshire

Please note if your group size is 12 or less, for some locations we will need your group to book two crafty workshops, as often we have to drive an hour to get to you!  I hope you find this reasonable, we do pay fair wages to our tutors and cover their travel too.

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