How to Make a Fire Pit Using Old Bricks

How to Make a Fire Pit Using Old Bricks

Every two years I build us a new fire circle.  I've done this for two decades now.

Whenever I come across an old paving stone and a pile of discarded bricks I collect them and store them until it is 'new fire-circle time'.

Make a brick fire circle easily, quickly and for FREE!

As an 8 stone woman who has never cemented a thing, I find this method of creating a brick fire circle fast, easy and effective.  The result can be used to cook over quite easily and it takes only about 10 minutes to build!  Moreover it is FREE!

Over the years i have learned the benefit of building in draft holes which I always face in the direction of the prevailing wind.  This keeps the fire from choking up, by allow air in-take at all levels.


Check out this 30 second video here, to see how easy it is to make your own brick fire circle with no money, no time, and no skills!



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