Lost Property at Wild Harvest School

Lost Property at Wild Harvest School


As you can imagine, we get a fair few bits of lost property each week.  

We aim to keep this until the end of the season to allow you to contact us to arrange collection.  We can't always guess who it belongs to and hence can't be expected to contact YOU.  So please do check before you leave that you have everything.

If you do leave something behind and can't collect or get someone else to collect, then you have the option of asking us to post it out BUT

The post office is a 15 mile round trip for us, and last week we were asked to post 3 items which cost us the time to go plus over £11 in postage.  Often we pay more in postage than the value of the item you ask us to post!    We simply can't afford to keep doing this as small scale sustainable education nor do we feel good about asking  SO....

From 2022, if you can't collect your left item by the end of the season and need it posting out, you can now make a donation to our classroom fund, to help us repay the loan we took out to build  a natural craft workspace to keep teaching traditional skills from.

To report any lost property you wish to be posted out, simply click the link below, add you donation and address for posting.




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