When BBC's Escape to the Country Came to Wild Harvest School!

When BBC's Escape to the Country Came to Wild Harvest School!

A couple of Summers ago, on a very very hot July day, the BBC brought their Escape to the Country Guests to visit.  From it I got a lifelong friend in the lady who moved to be our neighbour not far from Wild Harvest... I have just re-discovered our episode as I don't have t.v I have had it copied and sent for use on this blog, edited to just show the bit at Wild Harvest School, but the full version is available on the BBC website here:


Four hours of filming in extreme heat; with the sound engineer having to wait regularly for tractors to pass so many re-takes...!  In the shots you will see my home made Yorkshire sea salt; mentioned in this blog post HERE. 

The lady in the couple, Georgette,  runs a Caribbean Food Delivery Business so the programme were particularly interested in more unusual East Yorkshire tastes that could be added to her cooking.   Georges Caribbean Cooking  is now located in our area and can be found here... https://www.facebook.com/Georgescaribbeantakeaway





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