How To Set Up a Craft School

Why not set up your own Craft School?

Do you enjoy making crafts?  Are you currently selling or thinking about selling what you make?  

If you are currently making and selling crafts or just making them and thinking of selling them, STOP!   The sad fact is most crafters don't make a decent income from their crafts.  Making crafts to sell, you soon hit a 'glass ceiling' and here’s why…

You can only physically make a certain number of items in one hour.  This means, after costs, your hourly rate will never go up.  If your craft sells for £30 and the materials cost £6 and it takes you two hours to make, you will be on £12 an hour. Forever.   NOW, if you do exactly that process again, with a group of just six people sat with you, instantly you increase your hourly rate massively.  Even adding on an hour to the two it takes you normally,  because your learners won't be as fast as you. 

Let's break this down.  So, these people pay £40 to join you in this making session.  That is £40 x six, ie. £240 for three hours of work, instead of £36!  Suddenly your hourly rate is £80 and you can still make crafts to sell through the week, while teaching at weekends if you so wish.

Doubtful you could teach?

Some folk say to me, 'Oh, I love crafting but I could never teach!'.  Here is an interesting thought. 

You only need to be one level above your learner for you to give them a meaningful learning experience.



The ‘How-To’ market has grown massively over the last decade and there are thousands of people out there who want to learn the skills YOU have. 

Train to teach; plus train to set up and run your own craft teaching business with our unique, affordable programme where you learn in your own home and at your own pace to set up and grow a successful craft school. 

We even give you tips to go National!  See if your course idea is viable with our free calculator tool below.  Designed especially by us for craft course creators like you!




Remove your glass ceiling of only being able to produce a certain amount of work to sell in one hour, by teaching what you know to others!

Take our fun easy calculator to see if you could have a viable business teaching crafts in your own craft school.

If it looks like your course will be profitable, then join us online at ‘My Craft School’, Wild Harvest Schools new programme to train up and set up new craft school businesses, wherever you are!

Love your job, share your skills with others.




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