Plucking A Pheasant

How Top Pluck A Pheasant For Non-Pluckers

A beginners guide to preparing a pheasant.

Look away if you are veggie/vegan please .

A surprise gift in exchange for some home made soap today followed by a messy distraction from computer work . A lot of people just like to cut out the breasts of pheasant, but peeling loses the essential fatty acids in the skin ie warmth and brain function etc I need both so leave it on.

Im no expert but can get the job done in half an hour. Just a few skin nicks. Worst bit is cleaning out the intestines bless the little fella as it’s a smelly job. I always talk to the animal. I Dont do this lots but when I do I chat to them and explain my gratitude. The bits go to the dogs, some feather down goes out for birds to feather nests , legs and head are composted and the tail feathers are going to a friend ... maybe for a hat?
To those who say plucking is messy here are my tips :
I dunk in hot water occasionally and pluck little and fast in the direction the feather grows , holding the skin above with my other hand, then rolling the damp feathers on my hands until they come off, every few minutes.
This is the blessing I say whenever I consume anything that has lived : “Thank you (pheasant) for giving your life to nourish my body, may my body in turn nourish the earth through my good deeds , and feed the earth when I pass.”
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