How to get planning permission for a glampsite

Planning Permission for Glamping - The Woodland Champion Scheme.

Planning and The Woodlands Champion Scheme

Are you hoping to use a wooded area of your land to host your glamping dream?   But at the same time, a little worried about whether you will get planning permission for your project?  Did you know there is a scheme that has already got planning permission for such projects that means you don’t have to if you sign up to them?  Woodland Champions.

They say on their website:

There is also a chapter on getting planning for your glampsite in the book

Woodland Champions say... “If you want to open a campsite beyond your 28 days permitted development, then the easiest way is to apply to an exemption body. Woodland Champions can issue exemptions for up to 5 caravans and 10 tent pitches.  The law covers pods and shepherds huts as well as caravans. We are the only Club to specialise in the non-touring caravan exemptions.  There’s no need for planning permission or expensive planning consultants’.

Signing-up to this scheme can mean you can get to bypass planning, using their global permission.  After all glamping, by it’s very nature, is eco-friendly so setting up a site SHOULD be easy, but often it’s complex.  For more tips on getting set up,  download our guide to setting up a glamping site.  Written by our friends and experts in the field over at Wild Harvest Tipis and Activities (Wild Harvest School of Self-Reliance)

 For more info. on woodland champions:

Check out the Woodland Champions website for details. 

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