Adapt in a Pandemic

How To Stop Ranting About the Pandemic

How to stop ranting about the 'pandemic' and adapt.

This advice may be surprising - but for those who find they are posting several angry posts a day about the unfair rules, the 'fake pandemic' and the turning of humans into 'sheep', here is some advice from a survival mentality expert.... "Shut up".

You may see yourself as a survivalist, a prepper, an anti-establishment folk hero but actually you are displaying the worst kind of survival behaviour around.  Listen up...

In a survival situation, where our environment, resources and dangers suddenly and often inexplicably change for the worse... there are some golden rules on how to survive and thrive.  In a disaster the choices available to living things are:  migrate longitudinally, migrate latitudinally, move upwards, take to the water, adapt or die.  Usually adaptation takes millennia, so we have tended to do the others.... However a survivalist knows there are adaptation tips that will best optimise his chances of survival in the moment without relying on decades of slow gene changes.

I have written a story of three types of human response to disaster,  to illustrate this...

The first man sits down on a log, head in hands, wails and sobs.  Wiping his tears, he then builds a fortress of logs around him with 'do not enter' signs and keeps his sandwiches to himself.   He watches every news broadcast in fear, choosing them carefully to further consolidate his fear.  His fear rises daily.  He has not been able to adapt.

The second man builds a soap box and, proud of his work, climbs high, He then wastes all his remaining energy screaming, to anyone who will listen about how unfair this is.  He stamps his foot regularly and refuses to comply, he spends inordinate amounts of time (that he could spend doing other useful things (like adapting to thrive))  trying to find more evidence to back up his anger and to build his podium higher. 'Out of principle' that he shouldn't have to wear a mask; he steals a  'special exemption' lanyard for himself.  His blood pressure rises daily.  He has not been able to adapt.

The third man, the true survivalist, realises it doesn't matter what the science or politics of the cause of the situation, this IS the situation.  Without uttering a single word or sound, he knows that his energy is best spent on immediate adaptation for the ultimate chance of surviving this.  He can reinvent his life in 24 hours, having no attachment to old structures.  He wears a mask not because he believes they work, he doesn't care if they work or not, he knows it will do two things - 1, get things done simply and 2. That he is strong enough to wear a bit of paper on his face if it helps the fear of others.  He doesn't moan about shopping queues instead he finds other ways to shop or to feed himself, using any setback as an opportunity for growth.  He doesn't bemoan the small bit of government help instead he tries to reinvent his working life, imagining new ways his business can evolve to meet the new demands.   He learns to orientate himself to his new surroundings quickly, without asking why he is there, he observes so that he can make a plan, he puts effort into moving forward in this sudden new reality, towards this plan, he prioritises the things that are now suddenly important and de-prioritises the non-important things.  Nor is he sitting worrying or feeling angry about all the things that may come along in the next five years... as he realises speculation about something out of his control won't help him plan appropriately right now.

There is no growth in complaining, only entropy (gradual loss of energy).  Every cell, every ounce of breath you are using to perpetuate your fear or anger is taking you away from surviving this.  Not only that, but you are spreading it to others, taking away their right to have their own emotional journey in relation to all of this.  You are certainly not allaying fears nor likely to affect change on a global level with your daily Facebook rants.  So, a polite request... instead, think like a survivalist;  re-invent, re-orientate, prioritise, plan and put actual effort into your, your family and communities  survival with real world action.  Take a single mate on a hike, get food for an elderly relative, read a book, do an online course, plant seeds with your kids...  become a true survivalist, move forward into growth.... quietly.

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