How To Get More Juice for Your Apples - Pressing Your Own Apple Juice

As an ex industrial chemist My Dad likes to combine science and self sufficiency by experimenting and measuring inputs and outputs and altering methods to tweak results... He worked out that fresh fallen apples yielded juice at about 30 - 40% and were tough to press. He's getting old and wanted more juice for less pressing. He froze these apples till hard and got 1l of apple juice for 1.5kg of apples ie more like 60 70% return amd much easier pressing. We decided the juice was still very strong but possibly less so and debated whether there was simply extra water from the ice in freezer but the effort and resulting waste were much smaller. The 'waste' of course was brought home for our animals. The Vigo press here was about £85 needs no electric amd can press about 3kg of apples at a time. The total time to make 1l of apple juice was 40 mins. That's under ten mins per glass. Still a lot of time input but the result is unpasteurised which you can't get in the shops.

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