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Van Life; 'Booby Do'

the off-grid survival show van life Feb 16, 2021

Van Life Nomads

by Di Wood | Nov 7, 2019 | Uncategorized | 0 comments



At The Off-Grid Survival Show, in our NOMAD area we will be exhibiting stories of VAN LIFE. Meet some van nomads and learn about conversions, check out their vehicles and hear their stories of van life. In the meantime enjoy this heartwarming story of an old horse lorry and the lease of life it has given a couple.

“Our truck is called BoobyDo! A bit of an unusual name but quite a familiar story of how we came to convert a 7.5t lorry into an off-grid camper and full time living vehicle. In June 2016 Rachel was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. This made us seriously rethink our lives, having a house and mortgage with all your belongings just does one thing – it roots you to one place! We decided this had to change so we took out a car loan in August 2016 and bought the first truck we saw. We had never done anything like this but decided to give it a go. Within 7 months we had finished our off grid camper with a lot of blood, sweat, tears, swearing and the odd YouTube video. Rachel was going through Chemotherapy and then Radiotherapy during the build so we could only work for a few hours at weekends. At the moment she is a campervan but once the house sells we are moving in full time. Our plan for the first couple of years is explore the UK and Ireland and we have done some amazing trips to already, then we will be going further afield. Eventually I want to take her to Morocco! She is a Mercedes 814 ex-Horsebox with 300Watt of Solar, feeding 2x110Ah batteries, a wood burning stove and gas water heating and cooking – oh and did I mention the Big Green Egg Ceramic oven! She is amazingly slow, only does 18 mpg but makes us smile every time we use her.”  Follow their journey on facebook at


See BoobyDo and meet her owners at the show!



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