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Archery Lessons in Yorkshire

archery Nov 22, 2021
archery lessons in Yorkshire

Are you looking to learn a bit of archery in Yorkshire?

There are so many benefits to learning archery but for me the main benefits are those moments of quiet focus, the repetition, being outdoors listening to the thud, thud as arrows hit targets.  It is like active meditation!

Things to consider when looking for archery lessons in Yorkshire.

If you have ever wanted to learn archery, here are some things to consider.

  1. Is the range/tutor local-ish?
  2. Are you wanting a one off, a couple of lessons or ongoing tuition and a regular place to practice?
  3. Is the tutor/venue insured for teaching archery?  Often this requires specialist sports insurance.
  4. Are they qualified?  A lot of venues are insured but not qualified.  They may likely find if they need to make a claim, they forgot to read the small print.  Insurance usually requires the tutor to hold the 'industry standard' qualification.
  5. Do you want to learn alone, or with a family member?  Or even will the whole family fancy learning archery?
  6. Will you buy your own equipment?  This is very well but you then need somewhere to practice your new archery skills.  Where will that be?  
  7. If you plan to buy your own equipment, to practice archery, will you have to have several sized bows one for each member of your family?  This can get expensive and some or all members may not stick with it.
  8. Finding an archery teacher may be easy enough but finding one that meets all the above criteria can be more difficult.

What can you do?

We recommend testing the idea out first at a local, insured school with a range of qualified teachers; male and female teachers and old and young so there is an archery instructor to suit everyone.  Choose a school that has a range of bow sizes.  It is also an advantage if they have a permanent range and you can book teaching slots to suit your schedule.

Book one private lesson, then add on two or three more until you know if learning archery is for you.

Are you ready to release your inner Katniss or Robin?  If so, archery lessons in Yorkshire can be found by searching online.  Remember to check the above criteria when contacting the archery instructor.

At Wild Harvest we have four trained archery tutors; two male and two female plus two permanent ranges.  We use only real wooden recurve bows (no flimsy plastic here), traditional straw targets and offer leather gloves and arm guards.   All our archery instructors here at Wild Harvest School, York, are Archery GB qualified, and the school is insured through Protectivity; a specialist sport business insurer.

If you fancy learning archery in Yorkshire...

We have ample free parking and a 'proper' loo.  Just 12 miles from York in the rural outskirts you can book a tutor and time on the range from Sunday afternoon to Thursday, and also Saturdays in winter.  Book a one to one, or bring the extended family as part of a birthday celebration (we can accommodate up to 14 in one lesson).  Each lesson lasts between 1 and 1.5 hours depending on the number of archery students.

Learn archery in Yorkshire at Wild Harvest School of Self-Reliance.  Here are some photos of the, (probably thousand or so) Katniss' and Robins we have taught ... (ps to book your own archery lessons with a Wild Harvest School tutor, email us on [email protected]

Prices are from £45 an hour (one to one,  or up to four family members or friends).  Book a block of four four a discount.









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