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Reviews of 'Wild Beauty Online'

reviews wild beauty Feb 18, 2021
Reviews of Wild Beauty


This is really interesting and eye opening. It’s crazy how we don’t realise how much all of this has until we really think about it in depth. Thank you x  I second Popi’s comment, I have really learnt so much during this course. Amazing value for money I’ve never had a course before that I just didn’t want to put down. I’m so excited for my kit to arrive and try things out. Also I have a hole in my tooth at the moment I’m in a lot of pain with, this covid situation is preventing it being dealt with properly so thank you for the advice on that :)

I’m loving this! I literally can barely use any high street sold toiletries on my skin anymore. I’m so grateful to have come across this information after looking into thinks further :)


All this makes so much sense! 

I spend a fortune on Lush products!! really excited to learn how to make my own 

this is such a great course! lots of info and great value for money too. I didn't expect it to be so detailed. thank you!




I’m excited about the diversity of potential products. 😀

This highlights what a minefield this area is. 



so simple, yet so effective!


Cherece S

I cant wait to make these and would love to make the wood ash soap I hear you speak of!




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