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Learn How To Weave a WILLOW BASKET

Join Wild Harvest School on our popular day course and weave your own round willow basket.

Here's how...



Why Learn to Weave with Willow?

  • It's a local, easily available material.
  • Today a basket, tomorrow a coffin, or garden items - learning to weave a willow basket has many transferable skills!
  • Useful - what will you store in yours?
  • Active Meditation - Relax and let your mind wander as you weave your thoughts into your work.
  • 100% Natural, and no mechanisation - basket making is one of the greenest crafts to pursue.
  • A 'no tool' hobby - have a knife or secateurs?  You can weave a basket.

How We Can Help You...

Read Our Blog


We have a few articles you may be interested in, and videos on weaving baskets in our blog.  Read how to harvest and prepare willow, watch speeded up videos of Di, fixing a broken border and making a basket from scratch.  Visit the blog by clicking the button below:

Read/Watch Our Blogs on Basketry

Book on a Day Course


We have been teaching basket weaving at Wild Harvest for 16 years, some folk come to us for a day course, then set up teaching the next month.  It's not as simple. as that.  We have a clear structure that has resulted in nearly 1000 students going home with a willow basket they are proud of.  For reasons why to choose Wild Harvest for your basket weaving day see below. 

If you are far from York you can book to stay-over, on the night following the course in one of our tipis!

Why Choose Wild Harvest?

Why Choose Wild Harvest School?

  • 17 Years Teaching Crafts
  • Qualified Teacher with 24 Years Exp.
  • Fully Insured
  • Overnight tipi accommodation available to students.
  • Calm and Patient Teacher
  • Highly Reviewed Courses - we have hundreds of reviews to reassure you.
  • Consulted by the Media for articles on self-sufficiency
  • Authentic.  Di has lived the life of self-sufficiency - raising her children alone and off-grid in a remote area living by what was around them.  
  • Covid secure Good To Go Education Venue
  • Still the most affordable basketry course around.

What Does A Wild Harvest Basket Weaving Day Include?

A Full 7 Hour Day Course


  1. Quality can't be rushed, this course is fun and informative but thorough, Di will work you hard!  All tools and materials are provided plus pre-packed refreshments to keep you going.  Usually the course is inside the workshop, but if the weather is nice we will be outside on the tipi site.
  2. After a brief introduction. to willow; the types, harvesting, preparing and even growing your own if you are interested... you will be shown how to make the basket base.  
  3. The base consists of six thick base sticks, tying in the 'slath' and then learning how to do a pairing weave, joining in new weavers as you go.
  4. Just before lunch you will insert the uprights to your basket and prick them up, tying them in place so you can go eat around the fire circle. (Bring a packed lunch).
  5. After lunch break you will be shown a different weave - three rod wale, which you will use to complete your walls.  
  6. At the end of the day, one to one tuition takes place where Di facilitates each learner to complete their basket with a really fancy ''three rod wale border'.  We don't want you to spend all day weaving, to finish with a simplistic 'track border', as the border really finishes-off the basket.
  7. Di can explain briefly how to put a handle on, but coming soon will be a progression course for those who have done the day course, in how to add a handle.
  8. During the day Di will pepper the practical session with ways that you can take the skills you are learning into the garden to make planters and fences as well as telling you some of the medicinal benefits of willow.



If you want to join us for a basket weaving course, here are some questions you may have...


Dates and Booking Details

Ready to weave some willow magic?  For more details, dates and to book click below.

Next Dates:


Willow Baskets:  Sunday 18th Feb 2024. 10.30am - 5pm

Learn To Weave A Basket for £72 Early Bird (Up To June 10th) £78 After.

Looking for a Private Booking?


If you can't make the dates listed but still would love to have a day with us learning to weave a basket, it is possible to book Di for a private day course.  You would need to be a group of four or more.

Di can also come out to other venues .  To book a private basket weaving day please email: [email protected] 


Let us know ideal date and time, guest numbers and location and we will get back to you with a price.

Coming From Afar?


We are in the rural outskirts of York, based from our Tipi site sustainable education venues.  Accessible from the A1 and M62 in about 15/20 mins.

If you want to book the course, but are worried about the drive home, why not add a tipi stay from £20-£60.  

Email us to enquire at: [email protected]

Dates and Booking Details

Ready to weave some willow magic?  For more details, dates and to book click below.

Next Date: BASKET WEAVING Sunday 18th Feb 2024 10.30am - 5pm

Learn To Weave A Basket for £69!