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Wild Harvest Schools online programme to help you set up and grow your own successful Craft School

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Become a Confident Teacher

Learn traditional teaching methods, session planning and risk assessing for every course you could teach!


Build an Online Presence

All businesses today need an online presence, we show you how to brand your Craft School, then push it out online.

Create A Business Plan

Get all your Craft School business information into one file, a resource you can refer to to grow and to use to communicate to others about your business.

Set Up Your Own Craft School for Just £159 

  • Join us for just £249 £159, get set up and growing. 
  • Gain confidence in your own teaching ability
  • Get to grips with the business side of running your own successful Craft School
  • This Course is Guaranteed To Pay for Itself within your First Couple of Group Craft Lessons!

Bonus 1. Teacher Templates

  • Trello Templates to Help You plan Your Courses and Create Professional Lesson Plans
  • Trello Templates to help you Create Risk Assessments for Each Session 

Bonus 2.  Business Owner Templates

  • Streamlined Business Plan Trello Template
  • Sales Process Trello Template
  • Marketing Trello Template

Bonus 3. Course Viability Online Calculator 

  • Simply add a few numbers and the calculator will tell you the profit from your course.
  • Use it every time you think of a new course
  • Ensure your idea is profitable BEFORE you advertise it.

Bonus 4.  Cute Printable Planner

If online documenting is not your thing we have created a printable e-book planner for you to collate all that you read online in a pretty, paper planner that you can print off at home.  Print off and complete this planner with all the information that you gleen from the course materials and low and behold you have accidentally created a business plan and operations manual for your Craft School.

Bonus 5.  'Going National' E-Book

Go National!  How would you like to move beyond the local boundaries for your craft teaching and get a Nationwide Market?  We will throw in our e-book "Going National", which will outline various ways to increase your market beyond local day courses, to a National audience.

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Join My Craft School

For a special BUY NOW discount, plus get 5 FREE bonuses listed above.  Learn at home in your own time with our comprehensive online course.  Course accessible on mobile too.



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