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  • A way to set up easily and affordably, testing the market before committing
  • Advice to get you through planning permission
  • Our exact formula that sees us fully booked and looking to franchise
  • How to double your glamping income from each set of guests.

This is a Downloadable ebook that is in workbook format and has sold all around the world.  Written by Di, from Wild Harvest Tipis and Activities, speaker at The Glamping Show and Farm Business Innovation Show, plus contributor to industry magazines.

Along with the ebook you get access to this online learning platform where we upload any videos additional articles that we think will help you.

You can also book a consultation via Zoom with Di to talk through your project and get feedback and next steps action points.  FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY - GRAB YOUR FREE HALF HOUR ZOOM OR PHONE CONSULTATION WHEN YOU BUY THE BOOK, A LINK WILL BE INSIDE THE ONLINE PLATFORM TO SIGN UP.

The comments sections below any post are a good place to share experience with other members and to get chatting about glamping related issues.

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