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Rag-Rugging Online Course

  • Rag-Rugging


    This Online Rag Rugging Course is a live, tutor-led course where you can join in and chat with the other members and ask questions as we craft. 

  • A Free e-booklet 'Introduction to Rag-Rugging' is sent out and a list of what you need upon signing up.

  • Join from anywhere in the world!

  • In this course you will learn two different methods of rag rugging, plus the design skills to make a rug to suit your needs. 
  • Learn a little about the history of rag-rugging, then move on to discover the two traditional methods of rag rugging.
  • You will get to try each of the two methods before deciding which to choose for your design project.  Or you may choose to combine them in one rug.
  • After a brief look at tools and materials, next up, is a design session where you will explore the decisions you need to make about the design so that you make the perfect rug for your situation.
  • After that it's time to use chalk to draft out your design onto your hessian.  There will be the opportunity to chat to other students while you work to finish your rugs.
  • This is an ideal craft for non sewers and also makes use of those clothes that are 'too far gone' for the charity shop.
  • Finally you will be shown how to finish off your rag rug at the back, then how to care for it to ensure it becomes a family heirloom!


Format of the online Program:

You can join on a computer, a laptop or a tablet, we don't recommend a mobile phone due to screen size, but that too is an option.

There will be a series of Zooms over the year, you can join as many as you wish.

Inside the course is :

  • A fun quiz
  • A gallery to upload your project images and see others
  • Chat in the comments
  • Download the ebook


Hope to see you for a cosy day, laughing and learning as we cut and clip.





What People Are Saying:

I've loved all the courses I've done with Di at Wild Harvest. It's relaxed, informative and you leave with a new skill. Currently happily rag rugging.


Just wanted to say a huge thank you. I was part of the online rag rug making course on Sunday and I really enjoyed myself and loved learning a new skill in a warm, friendly and welcoming environment xx