Gift Voucher for 'Wild Beauty - Make Your Own Natural Toiletries'

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The course details are found on the Wild Harvest online learning website HERE

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Gift Voucher To Join our Wild Beauty online course to learn:

  • Why you should be making your own Natural Products
  • How to Formulate some basic cleaners and nourishers
  • To observe the natural world around you and understand what it offers in the way of ingredients.

What People Are Saying:

This is my favourite wild harvest course ever, I have done the real life one and loved it, but I'm not good at remembering information at the time so I signed up to this too so that I could also work through in my own time. I'm not kidding this course has changed my outlook on products forever, it has been literally mind-blowing! I can't go for a walk now without picking stuff out that may be useful in a product later. Christmas for the next decade is sorted too !

Mrs O.S. Phillips

£17.99 GBP

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