Learn the Cosy Hearth-side Craft of Rag-Rugging

  • Learn online in your home, join from any device
  • Discover two methods of rag-rugging, together with some essential design tips and begin your first project. 
  • Learn to troubleshoot problems and see  how to  finish off. 
  • You will join Di and others in  as many Zoom Rag Rugging sessions   as you wish, where you sit and craft and chat to the others.


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Make Rugs From Old Clothes

But not only rugs... cushion covers, bags, wall hangings.  A rug is just the start!  What do you do with clothes that are too far 'gone' for the charity shop?

Now you can re-purpose them into family heirlooms.

Low Cost Hobby

You can make rugs for very little, once you know how.  Just a piece of hessian and some cosy fire-side time.  Finally a worthwhile hobby that makes something useful and beautiful and that doesn't break the piggy bank.

No Sewing Skills Needed

Not a sew-er?  Neither am I.  You don't need to be able to sew to make a rag rug.  If you can turn over a big hem with rough unseen stitches, that's an advantage, however the hem can be Bondawebbed if you wish.

"Eeek I'm so excited, I have almost finished my first rag rug, and am in love with it if I say so myself.  I would never have got this far, learning on my own, the Zoom Rag Rugging meet ups were motivational as I wanted to do a bit more to show progress each time.  My daughters are instructed now to save all their old clothes for me and I will gift them a rug each in return."


Rag-Rugging Online Course

  • The list of Items to get before the course is found in section one, inside, with links to buy online.  (Top secret: all you really need to get is hessian).
  • Join a small group, online for four hours.
  • Join from. a tablet or computer.
  • Understand the fascinating history of rag-rugging
  • Discover and practice two methods of rag rugging
  • Learn an effective design process to ensure your rug is perfect for the job you have in mind.
  • Learn how to finish the edges of your rug so they stay secure.
  • Listen to care tips to extend the life of your rug.

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"I took this rag-rugging course as part of a textiles degree, I needed to find inspiration for my final project.  As a long term student of crafts I am a stickler for good teaching. The content of this course is accessible for all levels, Di presents the course material clearly and backs up everything with videos. Love the ethos of only natural materials in the kit too."

Ron and Barbara

"We were both chatting one day discussing childhood and we both remembered cutting bits of cloth for our grannies rugs.  We decided to learn ourselves as we couldn't remember the nitty gritty as we were just given the cutting jobs.  Not able to get to a regular course easily due to Barbaras occasional ill health, tried YouTube (crazy world) then found this.  We have just finished, we only bought one course but worked through it on separate 'his and her' rugs   Very happy with the results. Thanks, Ron."


How about just downloading our FREE mini e-book 'Introduction to Rag-Rugging' in the meantime?  You will also receive a 10% off discount code.

Yes! I want the e-book and discount code!

Online Rag-Rugging Course Kit List.

What you will need on the day.  We send you links so don't worry if you haven't got the following.  

  • A piece of Hessian, medium gauge (though any will do), at least 27" x 21" 
  • A pencil
  • Tape Measure (useful but not essential)
  • Scissors
  • A piece of chalk.
  • A piece of A4 paper.
  • A bin bag of rags (you will be told what type is best for which method in the pre course info)

Online Live Course For £28

Two Choices!

Join us online from the comfort of your own home, in the online programme above; OR come along to Wild Harvest School, in the rural outskirts of York, UK for a full day course.

Video below showing some previous classes and what students have made.

Join our Rag Rugging Day Course at Wild Harvest, York, UK

Alison D.


"Just wanted to say a huge thank you. I was part of the online rag rug making course on Sunday and I really enjoyed myself and loved learning a new skill in a warm, friendly and welcoming environment xx"

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