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The Animal Fat and Nettle Wick Candle

candles self-reliance self-sufficiency Jul 01, 2022

Just another of my light making experiments...

Rough nettle stem cordage (no need to do it fancy) plus lard, in a tuna tin, equals light for at least an hour.  (then you can let the fat solidify and reuse it again).

Not much to say about this as it's all in the photo... other than to please think outside the box.  Emergency light can be made from many combinations of:

Fuel - Wick - Container.

It doesn't need to be just torches/batteries and candles.

Oh, I did use an old metal candle clip but you don't need to, just be aware that when the fat melts to liquid, you will need something eg. a bit of wire, to maybe hold the wick upright (in my case the metal clip floated), but a bit of wire folded across the top would hold the wick upright.

Also the nettle stem has to be dried.  And it is the tough outer 'skin' of an old nettle that you want; peeling it off the inner pith.    I have another blog about cordage, but it is corn on the cob fibre cordage but the principle is the same.  


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