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Terms and Conditions for Online Courses inc. Copyright of Book/Course Contents

terms and conditions Jan 16, 2021


Terms and Conditions for Online Course Purchases.

  1. You are buying access for one year.  If you need access after this, and we are able to offer access, simply email in and we can re-admit you.
  2. You may not reproduce the contents of our courses as your own original content in your own lessons, else where.  You may of course join our affiliate scheme and get 10% by referring your followers to our course.  Please see home page tab 'affiliates'.
  3. Cancellation and Refunds:

Online Courses under £25

  • If you choose to cancel within one hour of buying your course you can have a refund, for example if you bought it by mistake when adding others to the basket.  Please email in and do not open the course if you want the refund.

Online Courses over £25

  • Because we believe commitment is important to growth, investing in yourself requires you to have decided appropriately if you have the time and the funds to do so before embarking on buying an online course.  Due to the nature of online content being information that is fully available upon buying the course - you have accessed that information and we reserve the right to refuse refunds for access to this information already granted.  We can however offer a goodwill refund, if you contact us by email, to [email protected] explaining the reason why you do not wish to continue, we will deduct from the refund any payment processing costs and an amount depending on how much access to the course you have had.
  • If you have got to the end of the course and feel that the value of the course, having put all the lessons into practice, was not useful for the purpose for which the course was designed, then you may request a full refund.  Please email in to [email protected] with the subject header refund request explaining why you felt the course did not give you value, and we will refund you.


It is a sad fact that when a business grows, customers often want to copy it and feel, despite often not having the years of experience living the subject; want to teach it anyway.
Whilst it is great that sustainable teaching is becoming popular, sadly this increasing phenomena isn't flattery. It's my exact business model, combination of offerings, course titles and even recipes that are being taken for the price of an ebook download. WH day courses and books are to empower women to help themselves, not help themselves to my business model that I have spent 16 years building up, and is based on even longer experience of the subjects I teach. I run business to business courses if your interest is to teach and my franchisees who pay for the ability to offer Wild Harvest's exact products, need protecting and going forward I need to protect our offering for new wild harvest franchisees.
 It is not acceptable to take a short wild harvest. course and learn some of my own-developed recipes, methods and processes and combinations of; then (even modifying them slightly), setting up in competition to myself and my franchisees, even using the exact course name.
Included in terms and conditions for all courses going forward (and some folk are being contacted retrospectively) that the teaching of product recipes and methods; even modified, if learned on a wild harvest course or from a wild harvest book will be prohibited from being replicated for the purposes of business. This is especially but not exclusively if the word Wild is also added to the business name.
Anyone doing this will be asked to cease and receive a letter from our solicitors notifiying them of our intention to bring legal proceedings to be fined for loss of earnings from wild harvest and her franchisees by using our creations in direct teaching competition.
I think this is wholey fair, I have spent years taking a small wage to grow sustainable education to help other women, the business to business side is my reward for doing so, and I will not allow this to be jeopardised.
If you want to come to me to set up a business, I have a range of courses to suit but I am now legally protecting my general public facing teaching as am sick of seeing 'wild' this and that' offering my recipes, coupled with concepts passed as own and exact course titles. Like I say I am protecting our franchisees commitment to doing this ethically.
Please be aware of this before booking a course with us, the new terms and conditions will have this in them so ensure you EITHER book on a business to business course OR do not use the course contents to set up a teaching business. If you book on a foraging teaching course you are NOT buying the right to set up a course called Wild Beauty and teach my recipes, so again ensure you are choosing the exact right course for your business goals.
If you recognised yourself in reading this , my solicitor says all associations can be easily proven as all our bookings are taken online, so this is your chance to get creating your own original content and combinations of (note he says not 'variations of'), unique to your own business model and branding or come onboard and join us.
Thanking you for your understanding.





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