With my net I can get those things yet...

self-reliance self-sufficiency Apr 14, 2022
net making

Why on earth would anyone, never mind a middle aged lady like me want to learn net making?

I had no idea at the time 'why?'... sometimes I just get urges to learn something.. no reason.  (Currently learning lockpicking).  Though I'm sure deep down my ancestral DNA knows and leads me to the things I should 'know'.

Anyway, I was lucky enough to hang out with 'Coastal Survival's Fraser Christian one sunny afternoon, a few years ago and he taught me...

I shall be forever grateful, because now I can make a net, and only now I can make a net, I can think of lots of uses...

  • Keeping birds off my shrubs
  • A climbing material for peas
  • A hammock
  • Catching errr, 'things'. (remembers that line from The Cat in the Hat; with my net I can get these things yet'. So...yeah... catching 'things'.

What have I missed, what uses for nets can you think of?

Would you like to learn a bit of net making?  I'm teaching our Huntress Gatheress Students net making as part of the retreat in a couple of weeks time.

There are still a couple of places left if you fancied joining us?

There is something really special about the time spent weaving and twisting plant materials into a useful item.  It's like active meditation.  For other blogs on what I've done with plants in the garden (usually impromptu as I'm easily distracted)... check out 'Flax Mat', Willow Fence, Baskets, Skep making etc.






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