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Van Life ‘Florry The Lorry’.

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Van Life ‘Florry The Lorry’.

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Florry the Lorry who was recently in the National Newspaper will be joining us.

“Florry is a 7.5 ton Daf LF45. She took us two years of hard work to build every other weekend between working full time. There was plenty of blood, sweat and tears during the build but we kept in mind our future dream and why we were doing it.

Several reasons prompted us to make the decision to pack up and live in a lorry. Living in the city working full time was stressful and creating health issues. Hence, not a life we wanted anymore. We realised we could be living a more simple life where we could combine our two passions of diving and travelling. We packed up the family home and sold things, gave things away and now everything we own is in our home Florry. It’s a very liberating experience and we don’t miss anything apart from family and friends (and perhaps a bath!) but even then, technology allows us to keep in contact with everyone when we are not in the UK.

Travelling isn’t new to us. Chris and I have been travelling for the past 12 years on and off. Our first camper was a Mazda Bongo and for the past 8 years until we finished our build on Florry we owned a standard manufactured motor home. We knew from experience that for us a 3.5 ton would not work and wanted to be able to carry more weight and have a larger home. To get exactly what we wanted and at a reasonable price we had to do the build ourselves. We had no experience whatsoever of doing any practical building work. We did it on our own apart from the help of a great welder to do the door and the under slung gas tank. The hard work and determination has paid of.

We have now been living in Florry since February with our Labrador Rolo and travelling for the past 6 months. So far this year she has taken us to France, Spain, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Holland, Belgium and Menorca. where there is fantastic clear waters and great diving! We are now making our way back to the UK for Christmas to catch up with family and friends. Future plans are Scandanavia then back to the UK for the summer to attend some festivals and the Off Grid Survival Show followed by back to Menorca and then across Spain to Morocco. We really are now living our dream. Pictures are of the build from start to finish is on  our FB page and specifics about the plumbing system, electrics etc are on our blog along with other interesting places we have visited. 

Life in Florry and her travels can also be followed on Facebook and Instagram.

We can also be contacted at [email protected]

Happy Travels!

Cat & Chris

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