Thinking Tools for an Efficient Life

Apr 14, 2022
Do you often (or just currently) feel like you are stuck wondering which way to go, feeling overwhelmed at all the tasks and unsure of your best next steps? Or simply not enough time to even to think about your direction due to Struggling with all the chaos ?
In lockdown I did a Facebook live, where I talk you through thinking tools for moving forward?
You may or may not know this about me but I’m obsessed with learning different thinking styles for maximum mental and life efficiency ... For my post grad studies two decades ago I got a whopping 97% on my cognitive psychology exams . So This isn’t a new interest, i’ve long been interested in how we can outperform the limitations of our lives through efficient thinking and of course subsequent action but let’s tackle the thinking bit first ...
Whenever there is a sudden crisis in our house it’s a joke that i whip out a large sheet of paper for an A3 planning session, the persons name is written on the paper and lots of lines and words are drawn. The thing is , this bit of paper doesn’t have to come out only in crisis , if you do what I’m going to show you as a matter of course every few months, you will be able to make order of the chaos and use your energy for the right tasks . The tasks that will really take you forward.
I’m regularly contacted by women asking advice about how I keep everything going or how I’m so driven as a single mum of three, so thought I would share these thinking tools; after all self-reliance starts with the mind .
I’ve basically collated lots of efficient thinking tools into one model, over the years, to break down and present to you, you don't have to be a woman of course to benefit from these, is this something that would be useful to you?
Love for the journey... Di x
Hope you enjoy the video, it's about 20 mins long and can be found here:
P.S re. the video above: Please skip the first three mins when Facebook decided not to play ball 🙂

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