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Skin Infection Natural Cure All

self-reliance wild medicine Mar 19, 2021
Skin Infection Natural Cure All
Not much left of this home remedy, as it’s had a bit of hammer this year!
This is my go to topical cure all when my teenage boys get random skin infections.
Both of them have inherited their fathers toe nails: short and wide meaning they are prone to wicklows and infections , one son got athletes foot this year from training rooms and also managed to get ring worm on his neck after a stay in a bnb with his girlfriend , how romantic.
Everything has been treated successfully with this one little jar. You are probably already familiar with the idea of thyme being anti fungal, and oregano being anti viral, so I grow both, then infuse them in home made (or good quality bought) apple cider vinegar . The boys now know to ask for this if anything untoward appears, it’s nice as although they are totally embarrassed as teenagers by their hippy mother , they do trust what I give them ! Also fresh garlic contains Allicin which topically (yes I’ve rubbed it on bodies) fresh and bruised or dried mildly and chopped best conserves the allicin level which isn’t too stable over time and heat, hence me not adding it to the above mix, but rubbing it on separately. Studies in a hospital showed allicin helped prevent the spread of virus from surface to surface. So easy yet so effective. Looks like I better make some more !

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