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Why an Increasing Number of Women are Choosing To Remain Single

self-reliance Mar 19, 2021
Single women self-reliance
A really interesting article on what it means and has meant, to be a single woman in society ... our new wave of self-reliant women is still fighting self doubt and societal expectation. The second half of the article looking back in history at views of women choosing to go it alone are interesting . They seem to have swung one way then another.
Are you married, single or other definition ? What are the pros and cons of being ‘En coupled’ to being single? Do you feel any societal or family pressure one way or another ? Can you be self-reliant AND in a couple? The word spinster was once revered, what happened to it ? A positive, (though sad at the same time) look at what it has meant throughout time, at what the desire to remain unmarried has meant for women. How can we change this view today when the stats clearly show women can benefit from this status emotionally and economically.
If you are feeling it, here is some amazing solo woman in nature inspiration:
Simona Kossak (1943-2007) Polish biologist, ecologist, author, PhD in forestry, and uncompromising conservation activist.
They called her a witch, because she chatted with animals and owned a terrorist-crow, who stole gold and attacked bicycle riders.
She spent more than 30 years in a wooden hut in the Białowieża Forest, without electricity or access to running water. A lynx slept in her bed, and a tamed boar lived under the same roof with her. She was a scientist, ecologist and the author of award-winning films, as well as radio broadcasts. She was also an activist who fought for the protection of Europe’s oldest forest. Simona believed that one ought to live simply, and close to nature. Among animals she found that which she never found with humans.
Foto by Lech Wilczek

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