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glamping hen party activities Jul 30, 2021

When you visit Wild Harvest Tipis and Activities you may need to know of local companies that can help out with services such as taxi's, pop up bars, or catering.

Please remember anyone you bring in from outside will need their own insurance and any activities you organise do not count towards the two Wild Harvest activities we require our guests to take as part of the booking conditions.

Here is a list of our known and trusted companies who can be contacted direct.

Snack Type/Picnic Type Food 

Oh My Graze

Pop Up Gin Bar

The Gin Shack

Evening Dining Cooked On Fire

The Free Range Kitchen

Taxi Companies (Including People Carriers/Small Minibuses)

Fleetways Taxis

Streamline Taxis York

Specialist Minibuses York

Anytime Travel York

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