How Can Dubai Learn to Grow Sustainably

permaculture self-reliance Mar 19, 2021
I did a course on global food security a few years back with the Queens university of Belfast and have been interested in this subject both on a micro personal food security strategy development and a country level food security policy level... it’s been interesting to see Dubai’s reaction during COVID. Seeking domestic resilience in food provision should be a country’s high priority anyway but as we know it often takes a crisis to make countries re assess . I’ve been to Dubai and other UAE nations and of course at that time oil was the biggest growth industry and most supermarket foods were imported , largely due to I guess the desert landscape ! How do desert societies become growing nations, there have long been stories of kibbutz growing food in deserts on a community level - building soil from waste , I really hope Dubai manage this but am hoping agritech there doesn’t involve lots of fuel use as has been their tradition with much else . Well, this article will probably bore the pants off many of you but thought I’d share it as a sign of cautious hope coming out of the pandemic, that we can learn to eat more locally even in the most unexpected places !

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