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Growing From Leftovers on the Kitchen Window Cill in Winter.

permaculture self-reliance Mar 19, 2021
My Kitchen window, washing-up friends (pictured)
Often we don’t think about growing from leftovers in the winter, but this is perfectly possible! This is five days of spring onion growth from the butt ends, grown on an east facing window ledge next to a very healthy aloe plant . It’s often a misconception about plants and sun. Light is often enough. With aloe especially You will find it grows better in light of a kitchen or bathroom than a full sun, big lounge window. The other benefit of kitchen window planting is, if you’re anything like me and are always washing up then you’ll never forget to water them! Permaculture principle : place your plants where you can best manage them ; near water and on your daily path. Mr Aloe Aloe as I call him has had lots of babies now, his custody was given to me when he was a tiny baby by a lovey young couple living in a converted school bus, who felt he needed to put down some permanent roots. I often send them updates of his growth, they will be pleased to know he is now a proud father of six !
What do you recommend for kitchen window winter growing?
(video coming soon showing some of my leftover growing (winter) experiments.)

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