Making Candle Wick from Corn on the Cob Fibres

candle making Apr 14, 2022
My lovely friend gave me a bag of her allotment veg . Just prepping some for dinner tonight and as usual I get distracted by the awesome potential of plants . Here we have of course , in my eyes: not food , but cordage-making gold ! I stop dinner prep and decide to make a few candle wicks.
Oddly I was taught to do cordage when Maya was just at kindergarten by her kindi teacher ! (Steiner schools are ace) , but my patience doesn’t take me much beyond the size of candle wicks. One day I aim to have enough patience to make my own bow string !
You can use either the brown fibres or fresh but if using the fresh fibres for candle wick you obvs have to let the cord dry for your wick to burn ( or dry the Fibres as straight as possible , dampen a little then make. ). Simply stick in a block of lard and light 🙂

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