I wanted to change the world... but I couldn't find a babysitter.

mindset Apr 14, 2022
I remember seeing this as a postcard on a friends fridge when my children were very small. It resonated so much that I still remember it today. At the time I thought, ok, yes I have all these feelings about social injustice around the world that are burning up inside me but that I can't action. So I thought, start small, start here with my children and neighbours and friends help them grow and hope the ripples of small local action can spread out. They did, into Wild Harvest School! If you are frustrated at the world and feel powerless to change anything right now, do small things, now, in manageable projects around you knowing that one day those connected ripples will go further than you ever thought. Mirror these 'good ways' to your children so they will take it even further... you don't need a babysitter to change the world. Do it one small local step at a time!
May be an image of text that says "WillHarnut I wanted to change the world but couldn't find a babysitter ONE SMALL LOCAL STEP AT TIME"

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