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Alternative To Flask Coffee On a Hike

self-reliance Mar 19, 2021
avoid flask tasting coffee

How To Avoid Flask Tasting Coffee.

See My Alternative To Flask Coffee On a Hike.

Experiment of the day: I like to hike but don’t like flask coffee . The other option is to take chemically sachets eg cappuccino that contain all kinds of rubbish and split and spill sticky power on your kit. I wanted something that was artificial chemical free, gave energy and fat too so I’ve just made some micro mocha hiking bombs. They are dark choc melted with tiny bit of butter a bit of milk powder and lots of dried coffee. Wrapped individually in the foil from the chocolate . Drop one in hot water on a hike. I’ve just tried one they are a bit strong for laptop work I’m now hyper but on a hike these will be ideal.


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