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We make it easy. 

Tell us your choice of roof, external and internal wall finishes - all within the same price.  Then choose to add on any extras beyond the standard, all prices given.  We don't keep you guessing.


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Choice of Roof

Choose from real slate, wiggly tin or wood shingle for the feature roof.  Which would you choose?  A steeply pitched roof ensures no lingering water and the overhang means no guttering needed.

Waney Edge or Wiggly Tin Walls

Choose from enchanted wobbly wood or rustic industrial corrugated steel for the walls?

Glass or Wood Double Door

If you want more light in you can opt for a glass front door or if you like the solid wood look, go for a ledge and brace double door.

Standard Features

As standard, the LongHaus comes with:

  • Two roof velux windows, double glazed
  • Double entrance door, wood
  • Stove flu kit in the roof
  • Real wood external cladding
  • Real Slate (reclaimed where possible).
  • 100 mm Kingspan insulation for year round use
  • Internal basic wood cladding to stain or wood sheeting or plasterboard to paint.
  • No plumbing or electrics (see next section) Some folk want these for off-grid sites so we leave services as optional extras.
  • Floorboards or sheeting inside or can be direct on a concrete base.

Optional Extras

  • Extra Window eg. back wall or extra velux £200
  • Glass Doors
  • Floor insulation £200
  • Electric sockets x 2 plus light fitting/switch. £100
  • Kitchenette 1.5 base units, worktop, sink and tap inc. plumbing. £800
  • En-suite with w.c. basin, shower/cubicle, partition wall, and sliding door. £1,300


  • External Length 6m
  • External Width 4.5m
  • External Height at Apex 4.3m
  • Internal Space: 22m sq.
  • Internal Length 5.5m
  • Internal Width 4m
  • Door Width 1800 mm x 2100mm
  • Window Details:  Double Glazed Opening Roof Windows x 2.
  • Wall and Roof Insulation Kingspan 100mm
  • Flue Roof Kit

Services We Can Provide

  • We can send planning department ready plans direct to your planning advisor or local council.  Sorry, we can't send out plans to customers.
  • We can provide a structural engineers report for the unit.
  • We can do the groundworks but prefer you to organise that so we can focus on your build.
  • We can list your unit, for free, in our 'Stay in a Timba' page, coming soon, with a link to your website.
  • Full Handholding for Glampsite Set-Up Also Available.

Are You Ready To Enquire?

If you already have your land lined-up, and reckon that any planning permission needed is looking good, then chat to us about organising a site visit.


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