Extra Training For Franchisees.

Choose two from the following...

Add-On Sessions To Broaden Your Existing Offering

Existing franchisees can choose to add on two or more new sessions after the first six months of joining us.  This is a way of broadening their offering so that customers have more choice of activities to book.  Choose your next sessions below (two at a time), book your training slot; this can be either via Zoom or attended here at Wild Harvest.  The total time required for training for two extra sessions will be around three hours.  Options and prices are below.  When you have chosen, simply complete the booking form at the bottom of this page.

Teach Foraging

Add foraging walks to your business.  Foraging walks go really well with some of the natural toiletries sessions or if you are offering food based activities such as the pizza making or cocktails.  This is the attended 4 day residential


Bath Bomb Making Workshop

A one hour workshop ideal for childrens parties, hen parties, baby showers and adult events.  This session goes well with the candle making session as you can run 'bath by candlelight' home spa kit crafts sessions.


Leather Journal Workshop

Run one hour leather journal making sessions.  You will learn two types and sizes of journal.  All natural materials, this session goes well with the leather pouch workshop.


Flower Crown Workshop

One of our most popular sessions we are just re-designing our crowns to move away from eco foam/paper flowers to dried flowers.  The price of this session to the customer may rise to account for this.  Flower crowns go well with our tinted lip balm making session. Crowns take a little longer for groups usually around 1.5 hours.


Willow Star Weaving

Like candles this session can be pulled out for xmas events and also Halloween events in addition to the usual hen party fertility star sessions.  So, it has a more wide use seasonally.


Instinctive Archery

This session is one of our most popular, it goes well with flower crowns and tinted lip balms as makes for great photos. It also works well with the foraging and allows the franchisee to offer to a wider group type. For this add-on session you are buying both a place on the Archery GB course (reduced rate for existing franchisees)  for safety AND our in-house session plan structure that we have found works really well.  


Tech Help

If you want extra hands-on tech help you can book a full day with Di who can get you on the way with your branding, website, email marketing automation set up, social media profile/adverts etc.  This will be a full day just for you and can be either at your venue or Wild Harvest.  Sunday to Thursdays only.


This opportunity for extra training is as follows...

  • In line with the existing franchisee agreement.
  • Can take place at Wild Harvest, online via Zoom, or in some cases at your venue.
  • Is available Monday to Thursday and some Sunday afternoons.
  • Is for two new add-ons at a time, we recommend no more than two every six months.